Orlando Haddad, Patricia King, Gerald Veasley and Andrew Nue.

Doc Gibbs performing Minas concert.


Giacomo Gates at South Jazz Club.

Tom Adams, Craig Thomas and Giacomo Gates.

Mickey surprised me with this one day when I stopped at his house!

Tom endorses Canopus Drums.

Pete Souders, Jim Holten and Madison Rast at Ortleibs.

My CD Diggin' In, Digging Out tops this chart!

Mastering Joyride.

Hangin' with Mickey Roker at my house.

Bob Howell, Jim Stager, John Swana and Dave Postmontier.

Cidinho Teixeira, Barbara Mendez, Itaiguara Brandao and Chris Farr.

Las Vegas

Annual Canopus dinner in NYC.

Electric Miles Band: Dave Pos, John Swana, Chico Huff and Tim Motzer.

Chico Huff, Dave Manley and Mike Boone.

Sid Simmons and Joe Morganelli.

Joe Morganelli and Mike Boone.

Klingon Klez

Ortliebs Jazz Haus with Craig McGiver, Justin Faulkner, Byron Landham and Gabe Globushoenich.

Kilngon Klez, Prague.

Klingon Klez, Haus der Kulturan der Welt, Berlin.

Klingon Klez

Namm 2007 with Airto Moriera.

Paul Bollenbeck and Eric Revis at Green Street Studio, NYC.

Ben Monder and Steve LaSpina at Green Street Studio, NYC.

Sergio Brandao, Cecelia Tanconi and Cidinho Teixeira.

Ortliebs with Bootsie Barnes.

John Swana, Chico Huff, and Dave Pos at Trenton Jazz Fest.

Newport Jazz Fest with Mike Freeman.

PBQ: Andy Snitzer, Dave Pos, Rich Pos and Dave LaRue.

PBQ: Dave Pos, Andy Snitzer, Chico Huff and Rich Pos.

PBQ: Dave LaRue, Rich Pos, Dave Pos and Bob Howell.

Mike Richmond and Uri Caine.

Catalyst: Eddie Green, Dean Levitt and Odean Pope.

Neil Diamond cover band circa 1975: Dave Hines upper left.